The Difference

Our Promise

We will place your company in a diverse cross-section of Media outlets and do so at a higher rate and volume than any other firm around.

All media placements will be impactful, position you as the market leader, and drive new levels of traffic to your website, increase backlinks, and power conversion of customers for your brand.
The InterdependenceTM will get you valuable media placements that convert users, acquire partners, secure investor interest, and increase your valuation. The media coverage we generate will also bring an influx of traffic to your website. We strive to make a splash with the right demographic targets that mirror your PR objectives. PR also provides an added value in bringing your brand instant credibility.

We Maintain Close Relationships With
Our Clients

Our account team will also provide you with white-glove service from Day 1 of the campaign. The lines of communication are always open to our clients, and our most successful campaigns are those in which we interact with them on a daily basis. Our account teams are constantly updating clients as to the pitch angles, strategy, developments, and placements.