The Difference


Speed is paramount in today’s rapidly-changing news and content cycle in which journalists are rushing to put out content. We deliver to them highly relevant brand stories.

Every minute, the technology uses artificial intelligence and predictive analytics to search for breaking news, trending stories and emerging to trend stories that relate to those key terms. Once it finds a match, it goes to the journalists that cover that match term but have yet to write about the story and it sends them a custom strategic traffic-validated pitch in combination with our public relations experts, and then we insert your expert as the leading expert so the writer or journalist doesn’t have to spend hours looking for one.

Technology Backed, ROI Driven

Our process results in increased conversion rates of 300-400 % and allows InterdependenceTM to be able to get our clients regularly in the mainstream media from The New York Times to The Wall Street Journal to Bloomberg to CNBC and more. It’s powerful and it works.
As such, our team has the skills to not only write concise, direct pitches to journalists and editors but to also do so at a pace far greater than any other agency. What does this mean for our clients? We not only reach journalists first – by extension your company and executives beat your competitors in the news cycle – but also are able to take out more pitches, resulting in more opportunities for our clients to gain increased exposure.

Relationships We’ve Earned

Our vast media network gets your PR message out faster and reaches audiences worldwide in the millions.