The Difference


Our proprietary AI scours 24/7 for brand relevant content and trends empowering our experts to weave the best storylines increasing pitch conversion by 300-400%.

No other firm in the world has access to this technology, which notifies our team of publicists in real-time what stories are breaking, trending and emerging to trend that relate to your brand. Once Interviewed® finds a match it goes to the journalists that cover the match but have yet to write about the story and it sends them a custom strategic traffic-validated pitch. This nets a less speculative pitch that rewards our clients with a higher volume of media opportunities.
InterdependenceTM solution Interviewed® gives clients a competitive advantage, with results starting Month 1 and continuing each month, with your brand appearing as the expert or in full feature stories.

Our Perfect Pairing of Science and Art

Our team is a seasoned group of PR pros who have experience working with some of the top brands worldwide and have relationships with editors and journalists at some of the most well-read, viewed and listened to news outlets in the world. We leverage our unique AI technology and relationships to pitch up to three different story angles each day — compared to traditional firms that average 1-2 story pitches per week for each client.