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Influencer Marketing

People follow influencers who they perceive to be like them. We leverage this authentic relationship to build your brand and impact revenue. Their endorsement changes the game.

In a highly-connected digital world, people face a constant barrage of invasive, inauthentic paid advertising. More than ever, they are tuning out the noise and focusing on engaging with people and content that matches their unique interests.
So how does a brand break through in a way that not only feels authentic but also drives action?
Enter InterdependenceTM comprehensive influencer marketing solution.
Since influencer marketing is focused around informing and engaging, it offers the inspiration and realness that audiences trust. And with thousands or even millions of loyal followers, brands can leverage their collective influence to drive awareness and build credibility. 
And because people choose to follow influencers who they perceive to be like them, when the influencer endorses a brand, product or service, their followers consider it to be a recommendation from a friend. When you consider that 92% of consumers turn to their peers for purchasing advice, influencer marketing has the ability to build your brand and scale your business.
At Interdependence, we manage our influencer programs from conception and theme to contracting, vetting and high-quality content delivery. This high-touch approach allows us to ensure highly effective brand content, monitor traction and develop lasting relationships with the influencers on behalf of your brand.