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Integrated Communications Services

Experiential + Event Marketing

The opportunity to personally connect with your audience. It doesn’t happen every day. 

When it does, you need it to make an impact. 

Experiential and event marketing disrupts, engages and connects, bringing brands to life by immersing your audience in your brand story and offering a multisensory and memorable interaction. 

At Interdependence, we make it completely turnkey for you. From venue selection and permitting to production and staffing, we handle every aspect of your activation from conception to flawless execution.   

Additionally, we turn engagement into impact through our full-circle approach. We start the conversation with your audience well before the event and continue it during and after through public relations integration, targeted social engagement or influencer marketing. 

Whether via a branded mobile tour, buzz-worthy stunt, trade show or live performance, experiential marketing makes real connections with your audience in real time. 
Offering Overview: 
  • Live Stunts / Performances 
  • Philanthropic Fundraisers 
  • Trade Shows 
  • Event Sponsorships 
  • Press and Influencer Immersion Trips 
  • Brand Partnerships 
  • Text Hover