PR Pitfalls to Avoid

Whether you’re in tech, hospitality, healthcare, or even dabbling in cryptocurrency, PR has to do with being in the persuasion business. As you run your business, whether you handle PR in-house or hire a PR firm, you’re going to have to have your team work towards convincing an audience in and outside your sphere of influence that you’re amazing.

PR can be effective when you need to:

Promote an idea
Get people to purchase your product
Support your new position
Recognize a new accomplishment

In short, effective PR can help you get the word out and build brand recognition.

Let’s take a moment to define PR. PR can be thought of as the strategic communication that helps build beneficial relationships between organizations and audiences. Sound easy enough? Well, it’s a whole lot easier if you have a PR firm to help.

If you’re handling it alone for now, read on for a few smaller mistakes which can be avoided by being aware of best practices in PR.

Avoid Lack of Preparation

It doesn’t matter if it’s an interview with a media outlet, sending out a media pitch, or dealing with a press release, it’s important to prepare accordingly. Make sure that your content is approved by appropriate sources and the details are 100% correct. You do NOT want to be contributing to fake news, after all.

Before sending any content (like articles) to a journalist, make sure it has been approved by the appropriate parties. For example, those who work in a PR firm will need to make sure clients approve any content before sending it out. A PR firm worth its salt, when promoting activities for your business, will make sure you’re happy with the content before sending it out.

Avoid Lack of Integration

Is your campaign adopting a multi-channel approach? Think about online and offline PR tactics, including media kit development, blog posts, video production, and/or podcasts. Your campaign needs to adopt a multi-channel approach — which a good PR firm will facilitate.

Make Sure Campaigns Speak to Your Brand Image

One of many a campaign’s fatal flaws include not understanding how their PR campaign fits into their logo larger overall marketing scheme. Positioning is a critical part of a product, brand, or organization. Make sure the campaign is congruent with company identity and it reinforces the brand image imprinted in the hearts and minds of your audience.

The Campaign Isn’t Newsworthy

Many companies leave it up to their PR firm to create buzz. But the process helps if a company has something newsworthy to announce. Figuring out why this is important for everyone and what’s in it for them is key to creating an attractive campaign.

The Campaign Isn’t Sustainable

Make sure your campaign has enough steam to last the long-haul. The more “evergreen” your campaign can be the better. Make sure that it’s applicable in some way to everyone’s tomorrow. It’s essential to long-term success.

Sounds like a lot to keep in mind, doesn’t it? If PR is something you’d rather not handle alone, maybe it’s time to enlist the services of an experienced PR firm. Interdependence Public Relations offers complimentary consultations to get you started. We’re a driving force behind many of today’s most favorable brands. Contact us today to start gleaning remarkable, trackable results.