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Our Methodology

Our Interviewed technology maximizes media opportunities for you based on keywords related to your brand. It works by it searching for breaking and trendy stories related to your brand's keywords. Once it finds a match, it goes to the journalists that cover the keywords but have yet to write about the story and sends them, in combination with our public relations professionals, a strategic pitch resulting in high conversion and consistent monthly media placements.
We are aggressive, pitching 5-10 different angles each week to hundreds of reporters. The media placements with links we secure for you convert customers to your brand and are validated with site analytics. The placements we generate position our clients as subject-matter experts and thought leaders, and can be leveraged on our clients’ websites, bringing them added conversion and credibility.
Our campaigns are exclusively goals-based, and we do whatever it takes to surpass the aggressive goals we set, rather than letting billable hours dictate the outcome of the campaign.
All of our clients are one-of-a-kind and our solutions are just as unique and custom to get you the best results. Our campaigns are customized and tailored specifically to your business and objectives. Your PR campaign will also secure quality backlinks with the top-tier media placements we deliver you. We work on a month-to-month retainer; No long-term contracts. This means each day we enjoy the process of delivering results and surpassing the aggressive goals we set. We are relentless, tenacious and 100% accountable in our approach to success for our clients. With Interdependence, we view ourselves as your partner and an extension of your team. We value you as a client and take great pride in establishing long-term relationships with our clients through our direct and measurable media and link placement contributions.