Using Blockchain PR to Build a Global Audience

You don’t really have to be a news buff to pick up on how much mainstream attention blockchain is currently receiving, even among non-specialized users.

To put it simply, people from a wide variety of demographics (whether they’re tech savvy or not) have been emerging onto the scene — some even getting involved in a multitude of spheres.

And this endless sea of aspiring blockchain endeavors (including fraudulent counterparts) can make it hard for a new company to establish recognition and interest. In such cases, an experienced blockchain PR firm can help you perform far more effectively in that arena. Building a global blockchain audience is not only beneficial, it’s crucial to your project’s survival.

First, You Have a Little Explaining to Do

By providing educational materials and using press releases, you can explain your business to the masses. Provide your readership with white papers that will grow your cloud by building smart community members (who end up being more reliable). White papers are great because they focus on a complex issue and make it more palatable (by explaining it in a concise way).

Blockchain Marketing and Social Media

Using all marketing channels available is a good idea to grow your community. Using Twitter, Reddit, and other traditional social hubs will put you in touch with influencers, media reps and even tech savvy individuals from a variety of demographics. You’ll also be able to stay relevant by contributing to the discussion of blockchain technology. Think about what you’re adding to the game at all times.

Blockchain PR is its Own Thing

It’s important to know that blockchain PR is vastly different than PR in other industries.

Given that it’s a new technology, you need to take a new approach when it comes to messaging and brand positioning. Blockchain simply does not fit the traditional business-to-consumer approach centered around a specific product or service. Since blockchain community members are inherently giving their technological, ideological, and financial commitment, trust that they deserve and require honesty, ethical treatment, and open discussion and communications about your aspiring project.

Creating a Feeling with Your Blockchain Project

It’s important you create a growing feeling of public interest when you conduct proper blockchain PR. Establishing good relationships with all relevant media outlets is crucial. You want to be reaping the organic benefits that come as a result, and you obviously want to be cost-effective about your proceedings. Resources keep increasing, including cable giants like CNBC who have cryptocurrency-centered news channels serving this specific new niche.

Given the sensitive circumstances of building a blockchain community which requires financial, ideological, and technological investment from each and every individual member, you must make a commitment to provide transparency.

A reputable blockchain PR firm will help you establish and cultivate professional and communicative always of transmitting clear project messaging. Interdependence Public Relations utilizes all marketing and PR channels to continue to foster trust and cultivate interest, helping you focus on developing your product and seize opportunity. Contact us today for your complementary blockchain PR consultation.


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