PR Firms Utilizing Advanced Technology

Ask 5 people what “Technology” is and you’ll get 5 different answers, from the everyday (mobile phones, coffee makers, DVRs) to the fantastic (robot butlers, personal jetpacks, time travel). Ask my 93-year old Aunt Yolanda, and she’ll say “that box on the table with the emails in it.” 

The truth is, technology is whatever we want it to be, and that’s a powerful tool in the hands of an experienced PR Firm. But in this ever-changing digital landscape, how exactly does technology fit into Public Relations? Why is technology in PR important? 

Events Delivered in Real Time 

News breaks constantly. Gone are the days of the family sitting down together, waiting for a grandfather-type to deliver the 6 o’clock news. Real time media coverage has not only transformed the playing field forever, but it’s been a huge boost for small to midsize businesses and local events. Specialized topics that once fell through the cracks now find their way to a properly targeted audience. 

Media Placements That Matter 

With the flood of info that’s available, it’s important to hire a PR Firm that knows how to effectively interpret and disseminate information, and well as generate media coverage that will invite an influx of traffic to your website. 

A Great PR Firm Knows How To: 

♥ Acquire Partners 

♥ Convert Users 

♥ Target the RIGHT demographic 

♥ Increase Brand Value 

Interdependence is a performance-driven PR firm supercharged by the most advanced AI and predictive analytics to maximize consistent media placements in prestigious media and industry outlets. 

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But there is a dark side to technology… 

The Rise of Fake News 

Advancing technology invites a world of new problems, and the immediate delivery of information is a double-edged sword. Welcome to the world of fake news! It’s everywhere — “Roseanne Barr to Accept Trump Cabinet Position!”  “What Happened to this Mom Will Shock You!” And my favorite, “What Kind of Cupcake Are You? Take This Quiz!” (Turns out I’m red velvet. I couldn’t help myself). 

Fake news, and its evil cousin, clickbait, are time wasters. They spread inflammatory misinformation and can mine your data. Don’t let the bad guys win. When choosing a PR firm, go with an established firm with a long-standing reputation for excellence. 

Looking Toward the Future – Space PR? 

Information delivery is now global, but imagine a world with Interstellar PR! Real time news delivered to the brave men and women who are terraforming distant planets, traveling to other galaxies, and co-existing with benevolent space beings! 

Okay… we may be getting ahead of ourselves, but to stay innovative, a PR Firm must dare to dream BIG, but remain firmly planted in reality. 

To Sum It Up: 

Technology is only as effective as the people who stand behind it. Your brand is too important to leave in the trust of people who are not proven experts in the control, focus, and influence of information technology. Interdependence is an industry innovator, and the driving force behind many of today’s leading brands. There’s a reason over 15 million people read our PR articles per day — our team creates creative campaigns that yield radical results. 

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PR Firms Utilizing Advanced Technology

Ask 5 people what “Technology” is and you’ll get 5 different answers, from the everyday (mobile phones, coffee makers, DVRs) to the fantastic (robot butlers,