Need Tech Investors? Time to Step Up Your PR Game!

You might have heard of business owners boasting that they don’t advertise or that they don’t use a PR team. Well, maybe these people are in bullet-proof, recession-proof industries. Maybe they have monopolistic businesses without competition, or a special niche market in which they reside that affords them the luxury of not having to worry about their customers going somewhere else. 

Because, really, that’s what a person is saying if they don’t invest in advertising or PR. Honestly, do you know many businesses that can say anything close to what was mentioned above? Right, we don’t, either. 

Stepping up your tech PR game is important for many reasons. In this ever-changing technology landscape, with social media, and with our 24-hour news cycle, it’s important to remain relevant in the face of a constant flood of information. 

Effective tech PR will help you get the word out about initial growth, new investors, new products, awards and achievements, your stellar leadership and management team, events and galas, charities you put on or take part in — and much, much more. 

Experienced Tech PR Firms Know Strategy 

If they don’t, they won’t be in the business for long. PR firms can help you get to know prospective investors. You’ll be able to save yourself time, money, and wasted efforts by conducting thorough research on your potential investors. They’ll help you identify investors who’ve previously invested in like-minded businesses, hopefully getting you in touch with people who have a similar ethos. 

Interdependence is a performance-driven PR firm supercharged by the most advanced AI and predictive analytics to maximize consistent media placements in prestigious media and industry outlets. 

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A crafty tech PR firm will find ways to initiate conversation and make contact with high quality potential investors. Tech PR firms can also help perk potential partners ears up by creating content and putting that content in areas of high visibility. 

A PR Firm is Master of Social Media 

Experienced PR firms will help you utilize social media — which is more important than ever. 
Any tech business or startup needs to have a strong, positive social media presence, which can be used to entice investors — at the very least putting you on their radar. 

You can connect with investors through sites and services like LinkedIn and Twitter, which are both great avenues and outlets through which to let your personality shine. When you’re pitching to your potential investors, it might come up in conversation how you’re a social media star, which you can use as currency to curry favor. Social media also happens to be an excellent way for you to get to know potential investors. You can do your research and make a note of topics they care about and post about frequently. You can see if they’re active in any specific charities, which will help you speak to them on a more personal level. 

A great tech PR firm will help you utilize every avenue possible to help you build up your reputation as an industry influencer and thought leader. Contact Interdependence Public Relations today to learn more about what we do and the ways we provide undeniable, trackable results to our wide client base. 


PR Firms Utilizing Advanced Technology

Ask 5 people what “Technology” is and you’ll get 5 different answers, from the everyday (mobile phones, coffee makers, DVRs) to the fantastic (robot butlers,