How to Pitch Companies Trying to Use Blockchain Technology

At your next party or gathering, mention “blockchain” to 5 different people, and you’ll probably see 5 distinct reactions, ranging from curiosity to confusion. (You’ll also be very popular with your cool tech talk!). Blockchain isn’t hard to understand, and it isn’t witchcraft — it’s an auspicious technology that’s proving beneficial to both businesses and consumers. The concept of blockchain, however, has a bit of an image problem, as it’s linked in people’s minds almost exclusively to Bitcoin. But blockchain applies to so much more than cryptocurrency! 

First… a Brief Definition…. 
Blockchain is a decentralized digital ledger that records transactions publicly and chronologically. (For a more thorough explanation, see Bitcoin & Blockchain 101). 

Because blockchain technology is so new, an authentic and unique PR campaign can yield tremendous results for your company. At Interdependence, we are industry leaders in blockchain PR, and we invite you to see what expert PR can do for you and your customers! 

Interdependence Blockchain PR Can Benefit: 
Restaurants — We will craft an effective “Farm to Fork” campaign, creating tremendous buzz for any restaurant specializing in healthy, local fare. Via blockchain, fruits and vegetables can be traced from the farm to table. Menus can be printed daily with the exact origin of your meal. Blockchain can even pinpoint where on the field the food came from! 

Fine Jewelers — Great blockchain PR can significantly boost sales and consumer confidence. Customers can purchase diamonds with a “Certified Conflict-Free Guarantee” — via blockchain technology. Ethically sourced diamonds can be accurately traced from the mine to store with complete transparency. This blockchain PR campaign by Interdependence is a huge win-win for both jewelry companies and their customers! 

Car Dealers — Used car dealerships and companies like CarFax rely on title and existing information to decipher a vehicle’s history. But this history isn’t guaranteed — unless it’s backed by blockchain! With blockchain, there’s no mystery, as every owner and incident is publicly recorded in the blockchain for quick and easy access. Expert blockchain PR is the key to conveying this message! 

These are just a few of the many industries utilizing blockchain technology today, and at Interdependence, we are industry leaders in blockchain PR. Your brand is too important to leave in the trust of people who are not proven experts! 

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