How Tech PR Differs From Other Forms of PR

It doesn’t matter if you’re a startup or a household name, it’s no easy feat handling tech PR in an effective way. We’re not trying to be negative here; we’re just being realistic. 

It’s well-known that a big reason why many startups fail and the wind gets taken out of a lot of established companies sails (and sales) is that they’re bad at tech PR, which is its own separate beast. 

Getting Help with Tech PR 

When you hire the right tech PR firm your public relations problems will change. As we said, tech PR is an entirely different entity from other forms of PR — so you want to align yourself with a tech PR firm experienced in that sector. 

Tech PR is also tricky because you can never lose sight of the human element. That’s hard to do when you work with technology and computers all day long. 


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Tech is Also More Difficult to Explain 

Talking to a layman about tech can be downright difficult. Media outlets and journalists might not know the same level of lingo and terminology across the board. That’s why it can be tricky for outsiders to grasp what areas and terms are relevant to what you do. A tech PR service worth its salt will be able to take care of this for you. 

Tech reporters can often run in tight circles, which means that any successful tech PR firm will be in tune with these tight circles and have a rich pool of individuals to draw from to pitch. Tech PR firms have to work hard to develop and cultivate these relationships with reporters, tastemakers, and influencers to effectively provide demanding clients with effective service. 

There’s a Wide Range of Technologies 

You’ve got cyber security, cloud services, software development, marketing technology, and even something as specific as facility management software technology. Good tech PR will be able to transition seamlessly through all different sectors and be able to switch gears within all tech subjects and specialties 

There’s a Significant Language Barrier 

Tech suppliers and tech consumers often speak two different languages — the same with the media. When you’re talking to people immersed in tech all day, they can often take for granted what laypeople know. An effective PR firm is tasked with crafting compelling messages and utilizing clear storytelling to traverse the language barrier. 

The Competition is More Fierce 

The tech boom brought with it over 100,000 software and IT companies in the US alone — this includes some of the biggest companies in the world in addition to companies with under 500 employees. Successful tech PR needs to take into consideration what competing companies are saying and doing while also bringing something original and relevant to the table — preferably even mind-blowing. 

Public relations is a necessary function for any business in any industry — but it’s especially important for the tech sector. Interdependence provides experienced tech PR services that help tech companies get the word out more effectively and compellingly. Call today for your complimentary consultation. We’ll give you undeniable, trackable results. 


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