How PR Can Target Investors

Entrepreneurs who succeed in this game (often, the ones who land investors) let the public know about flashy technology and exciting early growth — which will inspire a fear of missing out in a potential investor that can often be quite powerful and persuasive. 

Tech PR plays a huge role in whether or not investors will bite when it comes time to invest or not invest in your startup or established company. In the end, wouldn’t you like to have a hand in the investor decision-making process, or at least be able to have a positive influence on the matter? Effective tech PR can also help you target specific types of investors that you want, instead of taking shots in the dark, so to speak. 

Read on for a few ways that tech PR can help you reach out to targeted investors. 

Content Geared Towards Potential Investors 

First, an experienced tech PR firm will drive beneficial coverage, some even helping you suppress any unflattering recent coverage. Public relations success is often measured by number of articles (and quality of said articles) secured for the company. 

Investors will often use these pieces to help them determine their decision — they often look at what coverage has been obtained in the last quarter. Hopefully your company website is up to date. Your PR firm will provide rich content that hits the tops of search engines. 

Successful PR Incorporates Tracking Trends 

Successful PR is all about strategy. A good tech PR team will monitor latest industry trends, then leverages that information to position company experts as thought leaders of the industry with the media. 

PR can also help you improve potential investor relations by showing how your company plans to address a developing trend, even perceived weaknesses in a current product offering. 

A good tech PR team will help you transmit messaging that positions you desirably in the face of industry trends. 


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Highlighting the Strength of Your Leadership Team 

Tech PR firms will help you get the word out about your leadership team when it comes to promotions, new appointments, as well as achievements. Talk about the important charities you’ve donated your time to — potential investors might be interested in that sort of thing, and they also might even donate time and efforts to similar charities. You can also let people know about awards you’ve won through press releases — that way you don’t come off looking like a #Humblebrag. Worthy investors generally like to work with top-notch, award-winning partners. 

You Can Keep Investors Updated About Current Events 

Especially if you’re delivering news that will perk their ears. Investors are always looking for the next big thing and they’re always looking to align themselves with brands and businesses positioned to make a big impact or disrupt the status quo. You’ll be able to more effectively and precisely target such investors by utilizing effective tech PR. 

If you’d care to learn more about the ways that an experienced tech PR firm can help your business reach new heights by attracting the right type of investors and gaining the right type of exposure, contact Interdependence Public Relations today. We deliver undeniable, trackable results. 


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