Building a Cryptocurrency Community

You might be one of those people who have noticed the rise of cryptocurrency with the influx of cryptocurrency PR out there. You might be thinking to yourself, “Hey, I think I can do this, too.” 

And you’re not necessarily wrong. However, whether you’re working with coins or tokens, building a solid cryptocurrency community is crucial to successfully launching and sustaining your project. Cryptocurrency PR is a foundational element to building your community. 

Cryptocurrency Communal Benefits 

One benefit of building and keeping your audience and community engaged is that you’ll be able to keep an eye on the type of audience your project is engaging. You’ll be able to use that information to position your cryptocurrency and you’ll also be able to use your community for communication when it comes to customer support issues and questions that arise. 

Your community can also be a fantastic means of spreading cryptocurrency PR and also serves as a clear indicator of how successful your platform has the potential to be. 

A word of advice (okay, it’s more than one word): Make sure that you plan to set aside some ICL marketing budget for your cryptocurrency community building. 

Utilize Telegram ICO Community Management 

Telegram is a great opportunity to keep communications open ended well also getting rid of troll interaction. Telegram is a cloud-based instant messaging and voiceover IP service. Newbies can learn telegram easily and crypto veterans will likely already have a familiarity with Telegram. Cryptocurrency communities will likely question your legitimacy if you don’t already have a Telegram — focus on setting yours up for a foundation for your cryptocurrency ICO community. 

Engage with Influencers 

CEOs and developers might look down on influencers and social media moguls not even realizing that influencers are actually some of the most powerful marketing tools at your disposal. It will serve you well to get creative to figure out how to engage with an influencer as well as their own community. A good cryptocurrency PR firm will help get the word out and help you attract more influencers. 

Mind the Newbies 

Focusing on quality collaboration will also do you well. Initial members might need a lot of handholding, because many will be doing this for the first time. Trading is going to involve emotions and passion and it’s your job to manage all of this and keep the community moving in a positive direction. 

Be committed to the process. People are going to have continuous doubts as they dig deeper and deeper. They’re going to want to fall back on you. You obviously can’t teach blockchain and crypto in one session, so it’s a constant and ever-evolving game. 

You can gain trust by: 

Weeding out toxicity 
Getting rid of spam 
Minimizing advertisements 
Creating quality, informative content 

Listen to your community members as they comment. Their feedback will prove invaluable. A good cryptocurrency PR firm will help you achieve all of the ends mentioned above and more. 

Interdependence is a performance-driven PR firm supercharged by the most advanced AI and predictive analytics to maximize consistent media placements in prestigious media and industry outlets. 

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