Blockchain For Cats? You’re Kitten Me!

Think of the word “blockchain,” and several things may come to mind — Bitcoin, technology, cryptocurrency, cats…. 

Wait, CATS? 

Yes. “Cryptokitties” is the latest feline craze on the internet, but these adorable kittens aren’t grumpy or sitting in boxes that are way too small. Cryptokitties is a game based solidly on blockchain technology. It’s addictive, fun and incredibly disruptive to the game space. Cryptokitties are bought and sold via cryptocurrency. Each kitty is 100% owned by the gamer and cannot be altered, copied or destroyed. What’s completely disruptive is the unique environment — thanks to blockchain, the gaming experience feels more personal than ever before. These little felines could change the face of video games forever! 

At Interdependence, our PR professionals understand that games powered by blockchain are more real than virtual, and by utilizing blockchain technology, gamers now have more at stake — real transactions, real value, and real reputations are on the line. 

Games based on blockchain will enhance: 

Social interactions — Authentic connections are formed due to the indelible nature of blockchain. 

Reputation — Personas remain honest and transparent via the unalterable blockchain. 

Reward elements — Game rewards are real and valuable. 

Blockchain and gaming form a perfect marriage, and just as blockchain will take a gamer’s experience to the next level, expert blockchain PR will elevate a game company to new heights of visibility. The convergence of blockchain and gaming elevates your revenue potential, but this new secret sauce has no flavor unless it has gamers to enjoy it. It’s imperative that your business can attract, retain and grow your user base. 

What’s Next for Blockchain Games? 
Blockchain has a tremendous future in the gaming world. With video games becoming increasingly immersive and real, thanks to AR (augmented reality) and VR (virtual reality), blockchain’s transparency integrates perfectly. Traceable ownership of video game characters is an exciting development as well — made possible by blockchain. 

Independence understands how blockchain enables an immersive gaming experience, delivering heightened emotional responses from end-users. With blockchain, the consequences are more real than ever, and expert blockchain PR is key to attracting not only hardcore gamers, but everyone involved in this ever-evolving technological landscape. 

Interdependence is a performance-driven PR firm supercharged by the most advanced AI and predictive analytics to maximize consistent media placements in prestigious media and industry outlets. 

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The Future is Meow! 
Can virtual cats really transform the video game industry forever? Thanks to blockchain, change is underway, and an experienced PR firm like Interdependence knows how to shape, influence and promote you and your brand. Interdependence is an industry PR leader, with deep expertise in the cryptocurrency and blockchain space. We are a driving force behind many of today’s leading brands, combining the latest technology with the best and brightest PR talent working today. There’s a reason over 15 million people read our PR articles per day! 

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