Five Keys to Executing a Cryptocurrency PR Strategy

Let’s say you are:

1) A key player in an up and coming cryptocurrency company. And…

2) You wish to increase your visibility by hiring a top cryptocurrency PR firm.

First, congrats! Cryptocurrency is a new and exciting frontier! But how you proceed in this rapidly-evolving crypto space is vitally important, and there are a specific steps you’ll need to take to avoid a crypto PR disaster.

At the beginning of your search, narrow down choices to a handful of top firms with great connections and proven track records. Be sure to target a firm that is well-versed in cryptocurrency PR. There are numerous PR companies out there, all specializing in everything BUT cryptocurrency and blockchain. So if you visit a PR website and see a glossy pic of a hydraulic manure spreader in a wheat field — keep searching! Leave that one for the agriculture industry.

It can’t be stressed enough — choosing a laser-focused PR firm that’s experienced in the blockchain/crypto space is paramount. An experienced cryptocurrency PR firm will execute an effective and comprehensive PR plan with specific and key components.

The 5 Keys to a Cryptocurrency PR Strategy:

A company with a stellar reputation can open up the world for you and help you rise to the next level of success. Do your research! Go with a respected name in the crypto world. Get recommendations and use your “Spidey sense” to help steer clear of unethical businesses who are ONLY interested in taking your money!

Make sure the cryptocurrency PR firm you partner with has:

• Extensive and specialized cryptocurrency PR knowledge.

• Measurable success in the cryptocurrency world.

• Solid references — ask for a list of clients.

The RIGHT media coverage
A top cryptocurrency PR firm has authentic relationships with leading journalists who specifically cover blockchain and cryptocurrency. Additionally, a top cryptocurrency PR firm will secure coverage in widely-read blockchain and crypto blogs and publications, raising overall brand awareness and visibility.

Industry Insights
Leading-edge technology is the engine that powers a reputable cryptocurrency PR firm. A top firm has the ability to generate data and provide expert, in-depth analysis. Using a combination of technology and talent, a first-rate cryptocurrency PR firm will craft and aggressively enact the best campaign for your cryptocurrency company.

The Three Cs:
A top firm will employ a talented staff that is highly skilled in:

• Copywriting — Writers are an extension of your brand and should be held to a high standard!

• Content Creation — A talented writing staff knows how to generate SEO content and social media marketing that will drive brand awareness and increase your company’s visibility.

• Communication — You should expect clear and straightforward communication with your PR team.

A leading cryptocurrency PR firm will connect you with industry leaders and influencers. Whether it’s personal networking or sponsored industry events, a first-rate cryptocurrency PR firm will have the resources to expand your business world.

The Next Steps
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