Our Industry Expertise


Technology to help you dominate the discussion.

Technology public relations requires speed, precision, and the ability to condense complex concepts for each of your distinct audiences. It requires not only technological knowledge, but an awareness of the current prevailing sentiments around technology sectors today and what will be making headlines tomorrow. InterdependenceTM is technology based, so we know its importance better than anyone. Our teams have worked in technology communications for the bulk of their careers and realize the difficulty and importance in delivering subtly different messages to different audiences. Interdependence Public Relations creates and delivers content that is uniquely important to your core buying personas. Knowledge of the molecules of modern technology matters, but it must fuse with storytelling mastery to translate to far greater traction. Our technology clients regularly report back to us that our “ability to understand, articulate and deliver complicated messages” to every group they care about directly benefits their bottom line.

Putting Interviewed®AI to work for technology clients.

We built our firm standing on the shoulders of exclusive proprietary technology, so we understand better than most its importance and application in success. Our Interviewed® technology allows us to immediately spot breaking trending or emerging opportunities and stories before they become Top-Tier stories before they become available to journalists.
Interviewed® works by breaking each of our healthcare client’s brands into roughly 50 key terms that best describe the product or company’s relevant attributes and positioning. Using artificial intelligence and predictive analytics to search for breaking news, trending stories, and emerging topics that relate to those key terms, the technology allows our team to reach out to the precise journalists to earn coverage for your brand, company, or executive.

Our professionals craft a customized pitch and insert your expert as a leading subject authority, so the writer or journalist is aware of the traffic-driven story and doesn’t have to spend hours looking for one for their feature or expert story.

Interviewed® drives 300-400 percent increases in earned media conversion rates, powering more media placements. More importantly, because we’re timely and targeted, our media placements bring multiple wins: greater ROI, higher revenues, increased website traffic, greater conversion rates, thought leadership and top-of-mind awareness for your company and products. Our team, though, is focused on securing shareholder interest and increasing your valuation.
InterdependenceTM is committed through the power of its forward-thinking technology and experience to drive your brands and your company to dominate as a market leader.