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Supercharge your SaaS
public relations 300%.

A powerhouse AI engine that matches your SaaS offering to the right journalist at the right time — every time. That’s our proprietary Interviewed® AI technology and it works in combination with our influential communications professionals that know how to use public relations to help you drive phenomenal growth for your SaaS business.
Interviewed® works by parsing your brand into the 50 key terms that describe your unique benefits. Then, every minute that follows, Interviewed® artificial intelligence scans for breaking news, emerging topics and trending stories that map to your brand. Once it finds a match, our AI identifies the journalists that are most likely to write your story.
InterdependenceTM Public Relations’ SaaS PR specialists then work their experience — and relationships — crafting a custom pitch to each journalist and positioning your organization’s spokesperson as the Subject Matter Expert.

It’s a proven model for getting your SaaS company to stand out, generating a 300-400% increase in stories, expert interviews, op-eds, along with TV, radio and podcast features for your product.

From AI to digital ink, you’ll own the news cycle thanks to Interviewed® data-driven precision and decision making. That’s more than match — it’s game and set, too.

The true platform for PR success.

Interviewed® is a powerful system unto itself and when coupled with our well-connected SaaS PR specialists they become your unbeatable duo. Interdependence has carefully assembled a team of media relations veterans and experienced former reporters and editors from top publications. The team knows how to navigate SaaS game-changers like PaaS, blockchain, security and cloud services. They get your market. They know how to clear out the jargon, so your best value proposition is clear and captivating to your prospective customers.

Our SaaS specialists have cultivated deep relationships with journalists and influencers to leverage into high-impact PR opportunities. This combination of PR-Tech and personal connections will give you an unequaled competitive advantage in the SaaS industry.

Interdependence will deliver concrete results through more efficient and effective media traction to yield greater new customer adoption and impact.

How to win the SaaS market?

The growth of SaaS means an increasingly crowded space. The right PR strategy and execution is critical to building credible thought leadership and visibility. But what makes your business stand out? Why do you matter to the market? Your choice in a strategic SaaS PR partner – backed by industry leading technology – will make the difference in whether or not you are seen as a thought leader to prospective customers. 

These are the four areas where Interdependence will make sure you lead:

Differentiation: Focus on the most valuable elements we want customers to remember about your solution.
Relevance: Displaying a heightened level of empathy about your prospect’s experience and how they can benefit from your solution.
Speed: Focus on a rapid-response strategic communications process that leverages market innovations and trends to power your white papers, blog posts, and social media.
Timing: Targeting that maximizes attention, using the right channel, the right message, the right day, and the right hour.

Interdependence Public Relations has the highly respected connections, creativity and technology to drive unprecedented results from your PR investment. So, when you’re ready to drive material growth, control your narrative and dominate your market, contact us and we’ll make sure your story is known to the people that matter. 

Ready for PR-driven growth? See Interviewed® in action.