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Inspirational storytelling starts here.

Our PR team of highly skilled publicists and creatives are equipped to tell your stories and generate lasting results, timely buzz and topical conversation. We know what drives fans to act. Whether working with the hottest new streaming show or the most visible talent in the industry we always have our fingers on the pulse of all things film, television, live events, books, talent, gaming and more.

To drive buzz and awareness we develop unique publicity campaigns that utilize our established and meaningful media contacts and proprietary Technology to enhance our clients’ exposure and drive engagement.

InterdependenceTM approach is never one-size-fits-all. From technology-driven and personalized media relations and events, to influencer campaigns and social media campaigns, we know which levers to pull to achieve PR perfection with maximum impact.

Through our lasting relationships with media outlets such as People Magazine, Entertainment Tonight, Access Hollywood, Variety, The TODAY Show, Good Morning America and more, we’re able to elevate our clients’ projects to a scale that upgrades their brand.

Interviewed® AI is our proprietary predictive analytics technology, which sounds special … because it is.

This state-of-the art technology helps us to create culture by combining strategic artistry in storytelling and deep media relationships with aggressive pitching efforts to get your message to the right audience at the right time and maximize conversion. It uses predictive analytics to search for creative, breaking news and emerging storylines that relate to consumer trends broadly and your brand specifically. It then identifies journalists who cover those topics but have not yet written about the story. Then, our expert storytellers craft a customized pitch that inserts your brand into the conversation to better own your industry in a positive and authentic way.

And voila!

Interviewed® has proven to drive 300-400 percent increases in earned media conversion rates. And because we’re timely and targeted in our approach, our media placements bring multiple wins: greater ROI, higher revenues, increased website traffic, greater conversion rates and top-of-mind awareness for your brand.

There you have it…

A modern public relations approach for a today’s consumer and lifestyle industry. Craft your story. Scale your coverage. Grow your business.

Let Interdependence strategically build the right PR plan to power groundbreaking growth for your brand and business.