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Science savvy. Investor smart. Driven by data.

Delivering results that impact companies and change patient care.

Advancing science can be a painstaking process. It takes time. It requires precision. InterdependenceTM knows that today’s scrutinized and high-visibility biotechnology space demands a communications team that leads the discussion, crafts the public narrative, and reaches the right stakeholders at the right time via speed, urgency and accuracy. It starts with funding and investors, where communicating a vision and setting expectations is essential. At the same time, how well you engage with researchers and scientists, as well as the patients who will fill the clinical trials, will have a meaningful impact on speed-to-market and long-term support from the science and patient communities.

The Interdependence team has deep experience in working with biotechnology companies across stakeholders and throughout the scientific Phases of drug development with a proven track record for building anticipation, defining need, engaging in scientific storytelling and optimizing launches. Team members have experience working with large, established companies, as well as start-ups and early-stage brands. Client experience includes Celgene, Exelixis, Amgen, CytomX, Tyme Technologies, IMV and more.

No matter size or stage of science development, a clear narrative delivered with urgency and clarity to the targeted stakeholders matters. Interdependence knows how to create messages that resonate and reach the right media when it counts. We match your precision for science with strategically informed and expertly executed public relations that deliver the media and influencers that move your business goals forward.

Putting Interviewed® to work to secure media visibility and influence in the science-rich and highly competitive biotechnology space.

Our proprietary Interviewed® AI technology works by breaking each of our biotechnology client’s brands into roughly 25 key terms that best describe the product, science or company’s relevant attributes and positioning. Every minute, the technology uses artificial intelligence and predictive analytics to search for breaking news, trending stories and emerging topics that relate to those key terms. Once it finds a match, it identifies journalists that cover that match term but have not yet written about the story. Our professionals then craft a customized pitch and insert your expert as a leading subject authority, so the writer or journalist is aware of the traffic-driven story and doesn’t have to spend hours looking for one for their feature or expert story.
But it’s not just about getting into a traffic-driven story. Our technology’s analytics give us the insights and inspiration that help us create and drive stories that are strategically, scientifically and creatively aligned to your brand’s interests and business needs. Using the data and knowledge we gain via Interviewed®, we identify far more feature stories, science profiles, expert stories, TV, radio, podcasts, Op-Ed and bylines, data-driven stories and even stunts and brand activations. It’s a full-scale strategy and communications solution.

Ultimately, combining traffic-informed, news-cycle driven opportunities with customized creative pitches is an approach that helps increase pitch conversion by 300 to 400 percent for our clients. More important, because we’re timely and targeted, our media placements bring an influx of traffic to your website, convert users, acquire partners, drive thought leadership, gain competitive foothold, secure investor interest and increase your valuation.

Marrying your science with what’s important to media and your stakeholders is what we do. Our approach delivers timely results that matter to you and, ultimately, helps you deliver on your promise to patients.