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It’s no secret that cryptocurrencies have been dominating the headlines for the past several months. They’ll be in the news for the foreseeable future as more and more parties try to cash in on the craze.

However, it’s more vital than ever to make sure that you’re not contributing to cryptocurrency confusion with the messages you’re putting out there into the world, which is why cryptocurrency PR is crucial and essential. Cryptocurrency PR is also its own beast to handle.

Cryptocurrency mania is largely in part due to more and more people adopting different and newer ways of transferring value. This is causing more traditional markets to be disrupted. That’s news, right?

Technology and Cryptocurrency Go Hand-in-Hand

Ever-evolving technology and the several innovative products that build upon that foundation are set to dramatically change how we transact and conduct our day-to-day dealings. That’s why cryptocurrency PR is going to continue to be crucial to a cryptocurrency project’s success.

As such, cryptocurrencies are starting to have an undeniable effect on individuals, but it’s also greatly influencing content. Several YouTube channels have gained hundreds of thousands of followers — some overnight, others in just a few months. It’s easy to see why media coverage of cryptocurrency is beginning to increase significantly.

Cryptocurrency Coverage

Media coverage is a big reason why cryptocurrencies and blockchain have reached their current popularity. Bitcoin, when it was created back in 2009, was a closed network made up of those who originally participated in the project. Most people were not aware of Bitcoin’s existence, until it received national and global attention as a phenomenon that was about to emerge.

People turned to their favorite media sources to help them understand Bitcoin and many took it upon themselves to take personal stock in the phenomenon. In these sorts of scenarios cryptocurrency PR is crucial to building and sustaining an audience.

Cryptocurrency in the Headlines

Headlines both praising and vilifying cryptocurrencies are starting to circulate around the world. Skeptics and enthusiasts avidly share their thoughts on all social media channels — which means cryptocurrency PR will continue to be a growing necessity, and you really only get one shot to make a great and lasting impression. Content creators need to be careful about the information they’re spreading, because it has an effect on the market. Most importantly, experts should be trying to bridge the gap between themselves (their knowledge) and the average user.

In order for a cryptocurrency to stay alive, it’s important that everybody gets involved. There needs to be a healthy community surrounding a cryptocurrency ensuring the future of these technologies and that they’re kept in the hands of the majority of a global population.

Sounds like a lot to keep in mind, doesn’t it? If cryptocurrency PR is something you’d rather not handle alone, maybe it’s time to enlist the services of an experienced cryptocurrency PR firm. Interdependence Public Relations offers complimentary consultations to get you started. We’re a driving force behind many of today’s top notch brands. Contact us today to start gleaning remarkable, trackable results.



Let’s say you are:

1) A key player in an up and coming cryptocurrency company. And…

2) You wish to increase your visibility by hiring a top cryptocurrency PR firm.

First, congrats! Cryptocurrency is a new and exciting frontier! But how you proceed in this rapidly-evolving crypto space is vitally important, and there are a specific steps you’ll need to take to avoid a crypto PR disaster.

At the beginning of your search, narrow down choices to a handful of top firms with great connections and proven track records. Be sure to target a firm that is well-versed in cryptocurrency PR. There are numerous PR companies out there, all specializing in everything BUT cryptocurrency and blockchain. So if you visit a PR website and see a glossy pic of a hydraulic manure spreader in a wheat field — keep searching! Leave that one for the agriculture industry.

It can’t be stressed enough — choosing a laser-focused PR firm that’s experienced in the blockchain/crypto space is paramount. An experienced cryptocurrency PR firm will execute an effective and comprehensive PR plan with specific and key components.

The 5 Keys to a Cryptocurrency PR Strategy:

A company with a stellar reputation can open up the world for you and help you rise to the next level of success. Do your research! Go with a respected name in the crypto world. Get recommendations and use your “Spidey sense” to help steer clear of unethical businesses who are ONLY interested in taking your money!

Make sure the cryptocurrency PR firm you partner with has:

• Extensive and specialized cryptocurrency PR knowledge.

• Measurable success in the cryptocurrency world.

• Solid references — ask for a list of clients.

The RIGHT media coverage
A top cryptocurrency PR firm has authentic relationships with leading journalists who specifically cover blockchain and cryptocurrency. Additionally, a top cryptocurrency PR firm will secure coverage in widely-read blockchain and crypto blogs and publications, raising overall brand awareness and visibility.

Industry Insights
Leading-edge technology is the engine that powers a reputable cryptocurrency PR firm. A top firm has the ability to generate data and provide expert, in-depth analysis. Using a combination of technology and talent, a first-rate cryptocurrency PR firm will craft and aggressively enact the best campaign for your cryptocurrency company.

The Three Cs:
A top firm will employ a talented staff that is highly skilled in:

• Copywriting — Writers are an extension of your brand and should be held to a high standard!

• Content Creation — A talented writing staff knows how to generate SEO content and social media marketing that will drive brand awareness and increase your company’s visibility.

• Communication — You should expect clear and straightforward communication with your PR team.

A leading cryptocurrency PR firm will connect you with industry leaders and influencers. Whether it’s personal networking or sponsored industry events, a first-rate cryptocurrency PR firm will have the resources to expand your business world.

The Next Steps
Your cryptocurrency brand is too important to leave in the trust of people who are not proven experts. Interdependence is an industry leader in blockchain, cryptocurrency and ICO PR. Interdependence combines the latest technology with the best and brightest PR talent working today. There’s a reason over 15 million people read our PR articles per day!
Schedule your FREE PR consultation with Interdependence today and start seeing radical results.



Whether you’re in tech, hospitality, healthcare, or even dabbling in cryptocurrency, PR has to do with being in the persuasion business. As you run your business, whether you handle PR in-house or hire a PR firm, you’re going to have to have your team work towards convincing an audience in and outside your sphere of influence that you’re amazing.

PR can be effective when you need to:

Promote an idea
Get people to purchase your product
Support your new position
Recognize a new accomplishment

In short, effective PR can help you get the word out and build brand recognition.

Let’s take a moment to define PR. PR can be thought of as the strategic communication that helps build beneficial relationships between organizations and audiences. Sound easy enough? Well, it’s a whole lot easier if you have a PR firm to help.

If you’re handling it alone for now, read on for a few smaller mistakes which can be avoided by being aware of best practices in PR.

Avoid Lack of Preparation

It doesn’t matter if it’s an interview with a media outlet, sending out a media pitch, or dealing with a press release, it’s important to prepare accordingly. Make sure that your content is approved by appropriate sources and the details are 100% correct. You do NOT want to be contributing to fake news, after all.

Before sending any content (like articles) to a journalist, make sure it has been approved by the appropriate parties. For example, those who work in a PR firm will need to make sure clients approve any content before sending it out. A PR firm worth its salt, when promoting activities for your business, will make sure you’re happy with the content before sending it out.

Avoid Lack of Integration

Is your campaign adopting a multi-channel approach? Think about online and offline PR tactics, including media kit development, blog posts, video production, and/or podcasts. Your campaign needs to adopt a multi-channel approach — which a good PR firm will facilitate.

Make Sure Campaigns Speak to Your Brand Image

One of many a campaign’s fatal flaws include not understanding how their PR campaign fits into their logo larger overall marketing scheme. Positioning is a critical part of a product, brand, or organization. Make sure the campaign is congruent with company identity and it reinforces the brand image imprinted in the hearts and minds of your audience.

The Campaign Isn’t Newsworthy

Many companies leave it up to their PR firm to create buzz. But the process helps if a company has something newsworthy to announce. Figuring out why this is important for everyone and what’s in it for them is key to creating an attractive campaign.

The Campaign Isn’t Sustainable

Make sure your campaign has enough steam to last the long-haul. The more “evergreen” your campaign can be the better. Make sure that it’s applicable in some way to everyone’s tomorrow. It’s essential to long-term success.

Sounds like a lot to keep in mind, doesn’t it? If PR is something you’d rather not handle alone, maybe it’s time to enlist the services of an experienced PR firm. Interdependence Public Relations offers complimentary consultations to get you started. We’re a driving force behind many of today’s most favorable brands. Contact us today to start gleaning remarkable, trackable results.



Imagine you’re a prima ballerina, or a corn farmer, or the CEO of an innovative tech startup. At a certain career point, you may wish to raise your visibility, up your game and generate more revenue. Hiring a PR firm is a great way to do it!

But is PR outdated? Don’t publicists sit in a dank room all day, banging out press releases to handful of journalists who will never read them?

That’s your grandfather’s PR.

Modern Public Relations is so much more. It’s an all-encompassing media blitz that utilizes leading-edge technology, long-standing relationships, and the sharpest creative minds working in the industry today.

There are significant reasons why PR today is so essential:

The Rise of Fake News

It’s everywhere! And it’s getting worse. With an absolute avalanche of misleading stories on the internet, consumers are faced with a barrage of bad information. In fact, Facebook’s fake news problem has grown so severe, the company has hired “credibility experts” to sort out the problem.

An expert PR firm can clearly communicate the client’s true message, via credible, mainstream and trusted sources in Print, TV & Radio. An expert PR firm will cut through the noise, and deliver your unique message in a timely, meaningful and effective way.

Social Media

Social media reaches a global audience, and a savvy social media campaign can catapult a company (or individual) into the public eye seemingly overnight. It’s the old word of mouth, but it’s no longer a monologue — it’s a true dialogue. Social media facilitates an interactive relationship with the public in real time. Managing and making the most out of this incredibly powerful tool is best in the capable hands of experienced PR professionals.

A top PR firm will be able to:

Gain influencers — High profile people who can positively shape public opinion and significantly affect purchasing decisions.

React quickly — Social media is the go-to for a brand’s reaction to a negative event. Consumers want to feel seen and heard, and a top PR firm will craft appropriate and timely reactions to address any public relations matter.

Add the Human Touch — Social media can put a human face on your brand, giving it humor, warmth and personality.


The Golden Rule — you learned it in Kindergarten, and it still stands. Treat your consumers with respect, offer a quality product, and you will garner intense brand loyalty. A great reputation will set you far above your competition, and a top PR firm will employ all the necessary tools to actively promote your credibility, while fiercely guarding your brand.

But let’s put it bluntly—consumers are smarter than ever—with B.S. detectors that are finely calibrated. A top PR firm will not only craft a memorable campaign, but advance an authentic message that will resonate with consumers.

The Next Steps

A trusted and experienced PR firm like Interdependence knows how to shape, influence and promote you and your brand. Interdependence is an industry PR leader, and the driving force behind many of today’s leading brands. We combine the latest technology with the best and brightest PR talent working today. There’s a reason over 15 million people read our PR articles per day!

Schedule your FREE PR consultation with Interdependence today and start seeing radical results.



So you’re interested in raising your profile within your respective industry and beyond. That’s a great aspiration! However, on top of running a business, getting the most out of your PR strategy is easier said than done.

Many companies and brands hire PR firms to handle this sort of thing, which is exactly why Interdependence exists. We solidify a business’s reputation and shed brands in the best possible light — all as a way to help you secure opportunities, cultivate new partnerships, and inspire investors to buy, buy, buy!

Read on for a few tips for how to get the most out of your PR without necessarily necessitating hiring a PR firm.

First, Know the “Why?” About Your Business

If you know why your business exists and what you’re passionate about, you’ll set your brand apart instantly from your competitors — and you’ll give your PR firm a lot to work with as a result. Developing a culture and a clear set of values will help you get together with customers and partners who are on your level. Talking about how you use best practices, cutting-edge technology, or innovative solutions is necessary, sure, but you need to show your true enthusiasm behind what you do, because that will speak to people far more than your mission statement.

Don’t Shy Away from Change

In this day and age, businesses need to focus on (and develop) tech to create simple, yet effective user and customer experiences. Being the first to do something a certain way will help differentiate you from the herd — which your PR firm can capitalize on. If you’re introducing a new product, let people know that it’s new. People are going to be instinctively interested in something life-changing or provocative.

Have a Strategy

Whether you figure this out in-house or you hire an experienced PR firm to do it, you need to think about where you want to position your brand/business. Knowing the demographic that uses your product or service is hugely important, so you can tailor your brand messaging accordingly. Creating a calendar of activity and planning how you’re going to spend your time and PR resources will help you take advantage of new opportunity and help increase brand recognition.

Pay Attention to the Competition

Now, this isn’t to say you should be obsessed with your competitors and to do whatever they do. The last thing you want to be is a copy. Instead, look at what your competition is doing and assess what’s working and not working for them. It’s a great way to figure out ways to differentiate your brand/product/service. You can also learn from their mistakes, which will help put you in a great position.

If PR sounds like something you’d rather not handle alone, maybe it’s time to enlist the services of an experienced PR firm. Interdependence Public Relations offers complimentary consultations, which is unheard of for an industry innovator. We’re a driving force behind many of today’s most favorable brands. Contact us today to get started.



We use Public Relations to communicate our unique message, generate business, and boost visibility. It’s hardly new. PR dates back to the Ancient Greeks, who used rhetoric to sway public opinion. In Ancient Rome, Julius Caesar upped the PR game by crafting his own campaign biography touting his military wins. (How thoroughly modern!).

Today, you don’t have to be a powerful orator or politician with a bowl cut to benefit from good PR. All types of people use it— from celebrities to authors to an up-and-coming rototiller manufacturer in Cincinnati — PR is essential for generating business. But how do we choose the right firm?

Determine Your Goals

What are you trying to achieve? Media placements — TV, radio & print? Brand awareness? Increased credibility? A campaign to course correct a high-profile gaffe? Be prepared to discuss your ideas and overall vision.

Find the Right Fit

Does the PR Firm you’re considering serve your industry? A celebrity chef might not want to choose a company that specializes in tech startups. Do your research, and ask friends and colleagues for recommendations.

Set Your Budget

Professional PR is not cheap. Retainer fees can start in the thousands, as it often takes a team of professionals to craft an effective, aggressive and creative campaign. This is why transparency is key, both in the client and the PR firm. Be honest about your budget and get all associated costs in writing.

The Right Connections & Track Record

A PR firm will do everything to convince you they’re the right fit. It’s their job! But a Public Relations firm is only as good as its relationships and achievements. A great PR company has an excellent record of success with high profile brands and clients. Also critical — long-standing and wide-reaching relationships with journalists and media producers.

A great PR firm will have the ability to secure placements in the mainstream press, and the ability to book:
• High profile radio shows & podcasts.
• Television.
• Speaking engagements.

Ask for references and a list of clients!


This one is a bit more touchy-feely, but did you get a good vibe? Did the PR professional listen to you, and really “get” you and your vision? Remember, a good PR firm is an extension of you and your brand, not some nebulous 3rd party. Make sure they come up with at least 3 ideas you’re excited about! And be certain the firm you’re considering has the connections, latest technology and relationships to help achieve your goals.

Moving Forward

Your brand is too important to leave in the trust of people who are not proven experts. Interdependence is an industry PR leader, and the driving force behind many of today’s leading brands. Interdependence combines the latest technology with the best & brightest PR talent working today. There’s a reason over 15 million people read our PR articles per day!

Schedule your FREE PR consultation with Interdependence today and start seeing radical results.



It never feels good to read something horrible, critical or patently false about yourself online. I know this first hand, having appeared on a popular reality show where I traded lives with a cantankerous pet cremator. It seemed like overnight, the entire world was weighing in on my hair, clothes, job, and utter lack of talent as a funeral director for parakeets.

If you have thick skin — great! But it won’t protect you from the realities of an undesirable online reputation, and the potential loss of dollars that digital attacks can invite for business owners.

Mark Leone is a top reputation specialist and Vice President of Sales & Marketing for Reputation Management Consultants, in Irvine, CA. He recommends the following for anyone who is online:

Be Aware of What’s Out There

Monitor your reputation on a regular basis. Conduct a simple, basic search for positive and negative information. Stay alert.

Register Your Name as a Domain

The last thing you want is for someone to hijack your identity. Take control of your online brand with your own unique website.  

Don’t Act in a Way That Will Come Back and Haunt You

Sanitize your online presence. Don’t post anything you wouldn’t feel comfortable with your mom (or boss or dentist) seeing.

Don’t post:

  • Political Rants — You can’t un-ring that bell once your very conservative customer reads your very liberal posts. (Or the other way around).
  • Pictures with drugs or alcohol. Use common sense. No one wants to see their kid’s 5th grade teacher doing a keg stand in Cabo, and it could get you fired! Improper or inappropriate behavior outside the workplace can be grounds for termination.
  • “I Hate My Job” rants. Your boss could see this. Potential and current employers use Google frequently, and negative posts will damage your career.
  • Keep in mind that social media privacy controls are not enough protection — anyone can screenshot a “Friends Only” post. There is no true social media privacy.

When to Hire a Top PR Firm

Dealing with negative reviews for businesses can be a more involved process, and may require the services of a PR professional. A top PR firm like Interdependence can implement an encompassing reputation and media blitz, and will better understand Google’s algorithms, the social media landscape, and how best to present and promote information.

Because the proliferation of negative info is so widespread, and given the strength and authority of negative websites, reputation repair often takes the services of a trusted and established PR firm.

The Good News

It’s possible to gain back control of your reputation. Doing so takes the right strategy, implementation, and expert promotion.
Schedule your FREE PR consultation with Interdependence today and start seeing tangible results. Results you can trust.



When launching a brand, product, or service, the people who stand to benefit need to know about it. If not, how could you ever expect your brand, product, or service to launch into the stratosphere of success?

These people who stand to benefit from your impact should be your number one priority. But, reaching those people is easier said than done, and you likely can’t do it on your own — you need help from the press. Often, companies, politicians, celebrities, and other public figures and entities enlist PR firms to handle this sort of thing, which makes sense.

Ideally, you have the resources to enlist one of these reputable PR firms you keep hearing about. PR firms worth their price tag will utilize both proven and innovative ways to earn media coverage that impacts local community, target audience, and mirrors a business’s PR objectives.

Below are 5 ways that businesses and brands can generate volumes of press.

1.) Build Lasting Relationships with the Press

If you want to get desirable and favorable press, you have to interact with them on a personal level. Offer to meet with journalists and reporters face-to-face to share your story and developments. Set yourself apart by connecting on more than a digital level. PR firms (ideally) will already have relationships like these in place for you to take advantage of.

2.) Consistently Submit Press Releases

You’ve probably read blogs written by underpaid freelancers claiming that the press release is dead. That’s simply untrue. Press releases remain extremely effective — when used strategically. It’s vital to submit your press releases to:

  • Key publications
  • Local newspapers
  • TV stations
  • Reputable websites

You don’t have to stick to traditional outlets, either. Get creative. Utilize community organizations, local bloggers, and national publishers who align with your company and brand’s mission.

3.) You Have an Expertise, Right? Share It!

Thoughtful think pieces and leadership articles will help establish your as an industry influencer. You’ll also make connections with media outlets and journalists along the way. PR firms, again, are fantastic resources to achieve this end.

4.) Host or Participate in Local and National Events

Events are always going to be news. Preferably, you’ll reach out (or PR firms will reach out) to news outlets prior to the event so they can provide coverage. Stay on top of media outreach prior and during your experiential event. The end result: driving new brand awareness and sustaining brand loyalty.

5.) Stay on Top of Your Social Media

Social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest are great ways to speak directly to your audience, showing them who you are and what you’re doing. You can also create relationships with influencers which will give you the opportunity to transform them into documented brand ambassadors.

Sounds like a lot of work, doesn’t it? If you’d rather leave this stuff to the experts, that’s okay, too. Why? Because Interdependence Public Relations is here to get you the impactful media placement you need that converts users, acquires partnerships, secure investors, and increases your valuation. Contact us today and let’s get this thing started.



Ask 5 people what “Technology” is and you’ll get 5 different answers, from the everyday (mobile phones, coffee makers, DVRs) to the fantastic (robot butlers, personal jetpacks, time travel). Ask my 93-year old Aunt Yolanda, and she’ll say “that box on the table with the emails in it.”

The truth is, technology is whatever we want it to be, and that’s a powerful tool in the hands of an experienced PR Firm. But in this ever-changing digital landscape, how exactly does technology fit into Public Relations? Why is technology in PR important?

Events Delivered in Real Time

News breaks constantly. Gone are the days of the family sitting down together, waiting for a grandfather-type to deliver the 6 o’clock news. Real time media coverage has not only transformed the playing field forever, but it’s been a huge boost for small to midsize businesses and local events. Specialized topics that once fell through the cracks now find their way to a properly targeted audience.

Media Placements That Matter

With the flood of info that’s available, it’s important to hire a PR Firm that knows how to effectively interpret and disseminate information, and well as generate media coverage that will invite an influx of traffic to your website.

A Great PR Firm Knows How To:

♥ Acquire Partners

♥ Convert Users

♥ Target the RIGHT demographic

♥ Increase Brand Value

But there is a dark side to technology…

The Rise of Fake News

Advancing technology invites a world of new problems, and the immediate delivery of information is a double-edged sword. Welcome to the world of fake news! It’s everywhere — “Roseanne Barr to Accept Trump Cabinet Position!”  “What Happened to this Mom Will Shock You!” And my favorite, “What Kind of Cupcake Are You? Take This Quiz!” (Turns out I’m red velvet. I couldn’t help myself).

Fake news, and its evil cousin, clickbait, are time wasters. They spread inflammatory misinformation and can mine your data. Don’t let the bad guys win. When choosing a PR firm, go with an established firm with a long-standing reputation for excellence.

Looking Toward the Future – Space PR?

Information delivery is now global, but imagine a world with Interstellar PR! Real time news delivered to the brave men and women who are terraforming distant planets, traveling to other galaxies, and co-existing with benevolent space beings!

Okay… we may be getting ahead of ourselves, but to stay innovative, a PR Firm must dare to dream BIG, but remain firmly planted in reality.

To Sum It Up:

Technology is only as effective as the people who stand behind it. Your brand is too important to leave in the trust of people who are not proven experts in the control, focus, and influence of information technology. Interdependence is an industry innovator, and the driving force behind many of today’s leading brands. There’s a reason over 15 million people read our PR articles per day our team creates creative campaigns that yield radical results.


Schedule your FREE PR consultation with Interdependence today and start seeing results. Results you can trust.



Gaining favorable coverage in our current 24 hour news cycle poses new challenges to businesses, brands, and PR firms as well. There are more opportunities and pitfalls than ever before as corporations, political figures, and high-powered CEOs and celebrities work to secure coverage that makes them look good and stay relevant. To give a little bit of history, our 24-hour news cycle was brought about by the advent of cable TV, which featured (and continues to feature) channels solely dedicated to the reporting of the news, which goes on 24 hours daily, 7 days weekly. It has completely changed the way that companies and the PR firms they work with transmit news and press. What This Means to PR Firms PR firms have more opportunities and resources than ever to help their clients maintain favorable coverage and stay relevant in an age where, to put it simply, there is a plethora of content and information being thrown in our faces. One of the benefits PR firms worth their salt will give you right away is establishing and maintaining working relationships with journalists which will secure coverage in the right places in order to help your brand maintain relevance. How do you make your story stand out in a 24-hour news cycle, then? Especially if you’re wanting to get the word out when it comes to: Announcing a new product Moving to your headquarters to a new location Making public a new collaboration Recruiting new staff Announcing awards or milestone events You now have more avenues than ever (and more pitfalls than ever) when it comes to getting press. Read on for a few ways that our news cycle has an indelible effect on PR as well as the opportunities that spring up as a result. Your Brand Cannot Afford to be Stagnant or Stale Are you making moves or are you just reacting to your competitors’ moves? In today’s 24-hour news cycle, it’s all about being fresh, interesting, and, above all, original! PR firms are tasked with creating content that effectively grabs an audience’s attention and positions their clients favorably. Being stale, mundane, or feeling entitled to a person’s time just because you’re you is a recipe for disaster — it doesn’t matter who you are. Take Advantage of Constant and Rapid Changes in the News Audiences are getting more and more complacent and paying less attention to the details. That’s why a successful brand has to constantly remind their target audience of their current narrative. The 24/7 news cycle we live in gives companies and their PR firms an opportunity to hone information into more easily-digested content, and, ideally, without sacrificing quality or meaning. Even Your Minor News Can Become Major Since the news is going 24/7, there is a constant need to fill that endless cycle with fresh news updates and stories. In short, news media sources are hungry and in need of fresh meat, so to speak. The news breaks, then comes the response and the commentary. News staffers are in constant need of fresh information that they can plug into websites, social media outlets, and RSS feeds. So, even if you have what seems like a minor story, share it! When properly crafted and told from the right angle by an experienced PR firm, targeted and creatively packaged news can gain instant media attention that only builds with digestion, even when delivered after business hours. Even what only seems like a minor update while in the midst of standard business hours can reach the heights of big news, even shared during off-hours, when administered by experienced PR firms. In the end, it’s all about timing. Just to give you an example, a less-than-solid news story at 8:45 p.m. can be leveraged with additional information and developments during 10 or 11 p.m. broadcasts, then be augmented with guest appearances on a morning show slot which further fleshes out details and developments. Any sort of content can be expanded or commented upon, nearly in real time! Conclusions Your business, your brand should be working the 24-hour news cycle, not the other way around. Interdependence gets you impactful media placements which end up converting users. We’ll help you acquire partners, secure interest from investors, maintain your relevance, and increase your overall valuation. We’ll generate media that brings your website an influx of traffic, giving you the opportunity to capitalize on making meaningful connections with your target demographic.