Best practices for choosing a PR firm

We use Public Relations to communicate our unique message, generate business, and boost visibility. It’s hardly new. PR dates back to the Ancient Greeks, who used rhetoric to sway public opinion. In Ancient Rome, Julius Caesar upped the PR game by crafting his own campaign biography touting his military wins. (How thoroughly modern!).

Today, you don’t have to be a powerful orator or politician with a bowl cut to benefit from good PR. All types of people use it— from celebrities to authors to an up-and-coming rototiller manufacturer in Cincinnati — PR is essential for generating business. But how do we choose the right firm?

Determine Your Goals

What are you trying to achieve? Media placements — TV, radio & print? Brand awareness? Increased credibility? A campaign to course correct a high-profile gaffe? Be prepared to discuss your ideas and overall vision.

Find the Right Fit

Does the PR Firm you’re considering serve your industry? A celebrity chef might not want to choose a company that specializes in tech startups. Do your research, and ask friends and colleagues for recommendations.

Set Your Budget

Professional PR is not cheap. Retainer fees can start in the thousands, as it often takes a team of professionals to craft an effective, aggressive and creative campaign. This is why transparency is key, both in the client and the PR firm. Be honest about your budget and get all associated costs in writing.

The Right Connections & Track Record

A PR firm will do everything to convince you they’re the right fit. It’s their job! But a Public Relations firm is only as good as its relationships and achievements. A great PR company has an excellent record of success with high profile brands and clients. Also critical — long-standing and wide-reaching relationships with journalists and media producers.

A great PR firm will have the ability to secure placements in the mainstream press, and the ability to book:
• High profile radio shows & podcasts.
• Television.
• Speaking engagements.

Ask for references and a list of clients!


This one is a bit more touchy-feely, but did you get a good vibe? Did the PR professional listen to you, and really “get” you and your vision? Remember, a good PR firm is an extension of you and your brand, not some nebulous 3rd party. Make sure they come up with at least 3 ideas you’re excited about! And be certain the firm you’re considering has the connections, latest technology and relationships to help achieve your goals.

Moving Forward

Your brand is too important to leave in the trust of people who are not proven experts. Interdependence is an industry PR leader, and the driving force behind many of today’s leading brands. Interdependence combines the latest technology with the best & brightest PR talent working today. There’s a reason over 15 million people read our PR articles per day!

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