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Interdependence Public Relations appoints health president

Michael Rinaldo has joined Interdependence Public Relations as president of its global health business. Rinaldo previously led Fleishman Hillard’s global healthcare practice for more than a decade and was general manager at dna Communications.

Fingerpaint promotes two

Nick Bartolomeo has been named head of media and performance marketing and Bryan O’Malley has been named head of technology and performance innovation at Fingerpaint. They will co-lead Fingerpaint’s newly formed SHIFT Performance Center of Excellence.

Syapse names commercial chief

David Pomerantz has been appointed chief commercial officer at Syapse, a real world evidence company. Pomerantz previously spent more than a decade at Kantar Health in various commercial operations positions.

City of Hope names marketing, communications head

Gulden Mesara has joined City of Hope as chief communications and marketing officer. Previously, she was group vice president of communications at Walgreens and has held comms roles with AbbVie and Pfizer.

National Pharmaceutical Council appoints interim CEO

Robert Dubois has been appointed National Pharmaceutical Council’s interim president and CEO. The board of directors will conduct a national search for a permanent replacement for Dan Leonard, who stepped down after more than 12 years as CEO.

Cerner appoints strategy chief

William Mintz has joined healthcare technology company Cerner as chief strategy officer. Previously, Mintz has held strategy roles with Leidos Holdings, Aetna, Care3 and Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts.

Blueprint Medicines names R&D president

Fouad Namouni has been named president, research and development at Blueprint Medicines. Previously, Namouni was global development lead for Bristol Myers Squibb’s cancer immunotherapy franchise.

Acadia Pharmaceuticals appoints head of R&D

Gudarz Davar has been named EVP and head of research and development at Acadia. Previously, Davar was VP and head of global neurology clinical development at Eli Lilly.

Galectin Therapeutics names CEO

Joel Lewis has been appointed chief executive officer of Galectin Therapeutics. He succeeds Harold Shlevin, who is retiring as CEO but will remain as a scientific and business consultant to Galectin.

The Escalator: Interdependence Public Relations appoints Michael Rinaldo health president


Interdependence Public Relations has brought on Michael Rinaldo as president, global health business. Rinaldo comes to Interdependence from dna Communications, part of the IPG and Weber Shandwick network, where he served as executive vice president & general manager. He was previously managing director, global healthcare at FleishmanHillard. At Interdependence, Rinaldo will be responsible for driving business strategy, delivering senior counsel, growing healthcare client relationships and strengthening the agency’s position and influence in the global healthcare business arena. “What excites me about Interdependence is its commitment to high-impact client relationships which start with a media engagement approach that leverages predictive analytics and AI to secure results,” he said.

Online gaming platform Roblox has named Barbara Messing chief marketing & employee experience officer. Messing was formerly senior vice president & chief marketing officer at Walmart. She has also served as CMO at TripAdvisor and vice president, customer experience at internet travel platform Hotwire. In her new post, Messing will oversee the development of the company’s brand strategy. She will report to Roblox co-founder and CEO Dave Baszucki. Directed at users under the age of 18, the platform says it has more than 150 million players worldwide.

Dermstore, an online beauty retailer, has hired Patrice Varni as chief marketing officer. Varni was previously chief customer officer at Correlle Brands, where she helped make the company’s legacy brands relevant to younger consumers. She has also served as chief customer officer at Arhaus Furniture, senior vice president of marketing for Tempur Sealy Brands and held marketing leadership roles at Levi Strauss. In her new role, Varni will be responsible for developing digital and brand transformations for Dermstore.

Anchorage-based Thompson & Co. Public Relations has promoted Ariel Walsh-Amand to chief operating officer, one of four women who have been appointed to the agency’s senior management team. Walsh-Amand has been with the agency for 11 years, and in her new position she will further contribute to its overall strategic direction and decision making. Ally Day, who has been with Thompson & Co for 10 years (most recently as senior account manager) will now serve as vice president, client services. The firm has also promoted Kailee Wallis, a founding member of its digital team, to digital director and has named Bri Kelly senior account manager. “Each of these women started at T&C as an intern or entry-level account coordinator, and I’m so proud and eager to see how their leadership will shape the future of the agency in their new positions,” said T&C president and CEO Jennifer Thompson.



IRVINE, Calif., Sept. 3, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Interdependence Public Relations announced today that Michael Rinaldo has joined the agency as President, Global Health Business. Rinaldo will be responsible for driving business strategy, delivering senior counsel, growing healthcare client relationships and strengthening Interdependence’s position and influence in the global healthcare business arena.

“What excites me about Interdependence is its commitment to high-impact client relationships which start with a media engagement approach that leverages predictive analytics and AI to secure results,” said Rinaldo. “We plan to combine in-market experience and a deep understanding of healthcare that clients demand, with an advanced technology-driven, results-focused approach that clients want.” Rinaldo joins a growing agency team that has collectively worked with some of the biggest healthcare brands and companies, including 15 of the Top 20 pharmaceutical companies. That experience is supercharged by Interviewed™, the most advanced predictive analytics and artificial intelligence (AI) technology in public relations, to maximize consistent media placements.

“Clients are looking for new options and innovative approaches that deliver predictable, targeted media coverage and full-scale communication solutions,” according to Rinaldo. “Interdependence has developed a technology platform called InterviewedTM which has helped increase pitch conversion for its clients by 300-400 percent, increasing traffic to websites, converting users, driving thought leadership and increasing client valuation. It’s an approach that’s ideally suited to the highly competitive healthcare space,” Rinaldo continued, “where breaking through is essential for meeting business goals and ultimately transforming patient lives.”

Over the course of a three-decade career in public relations, Rinaldo has built reputations, brands and businesses leveraging broad experience across a wide swath of healthcare communications, from public health and patient education to brand marketing and corporate reputation. Rinaldo’s ability to marry public health needs with business opportunity has helped influence opinion, shape policy and change diagnostic, treatment and care delivery. He led Fleishman Hillard’s global healthcare practice for more than a decade. Rinaldo followed that up by playing a lead role in building dna Communications – part of the IPG and Weber Shandwick network – into a global healthcare public relations agency.

“At Interdependence we’ll never lose sight of the importance of media and its ability to influence beliefs and behaviors,” said Rinaldo. “And we’ll never miss the chance to use media engagement as a springboard for deeper connections with important stakeholders like patients and healthcare providers.”

Established in 2012, Interdependence is a full-service digital PR, investor relations and media communications firm supercharged by the most advanced technology ever in public relations to maximize consistent media placements in prestigious media and industry outlets. It is an experience that stands apart. We power constant media placements for some of the most notable companies in the world from leading Silicon Valley venture backed startups to firms with billions of dollars in annual revenues. Our team consists of former journalists and veteran public relations experts. Our strong relationships with journalist and editors across the board at national, global and industry trade publications give us an unrivaled presence and a competitive edge when it comes to strengthening our clients’ brands and reputations.

Interdependence’s proprietary Interviewed™ technology works by breaking each of its client’s brands into roughly 50 key terms that best describe the product’s or company’s relevant attributes and positioning. Every minute, the technology uses AI and predictive analytics to search for breaking news, trending stories and emerging topics that relate to those key terms. Once it finds a match, it identifies journalists that cover that match term but have not yet written about the story. Agency professionals then craft a customized pitch and insert a client’s expert as a leading subject authority. In doing so, the writer or journalist becomes aware of the traffic-driven story, gains interest and doesn’t have to spend hours looking for resources for their feature or expert story.

But it’s not just about getting into a traffic-driven story. The technology’s analytics give Interdependence the insights and inspiration that help create and drive stories that are strategically and creatively aligned to a brand’s interests and business needs. Using the data and knowledge gained via Interviewed™ the agency is able to identify far more feature stories, expert stories, TV, radio, podcasts, Op-Ed and bylines, data-driven stories, campaign concepts and brand activations. It’s a full-scale strategy and communications solution.



IRVINE, CA — Former DNA Communications leader Michael Rinaldo has joined Interdependence Public Relations to head its global healthcare practice.

As president, global health business, Rinaldo will be responsible for driving business strategy, delivering senior counsel, growing healthcare client relationships and strengthening Interdependence’s position and influence in the global healthcare industry. The role is a new one for the firm.

“What excites me about Interdependence is its commitment to high-impact client relationships which start with a media engagement approach that leverages predictive analytics and AI to secure results,” said Rinaldo. “We plan to combine in-market experience and a deep understanding of healthcare that clients demand, with an advanced technology-driven, results-focused approach that clients want.”

Rinaldo left DNA earlier this summer after eight years running the IPG healthcare firm’s New York operation. He had a 23-year career as FleishmanHillard’s global healthcare managing director before that.

In August, Mike Rosich, who had been Marina Maher Communications’ creative strategy leader, was named Rinaldo’s successor, assuming oversight of DNA’s New York office as executive VP and general manager.




Sometimes the hardest thing in the world to do is explain what you do in simple and relatable terms.

“I’m sorry. What do you do again?”

Didn’t I just tell you that?

Avoiding this type of conversation can be difficult when explaining your line of work and this goes doubly true if you occupy the tech sector. In these instances, it can often be a Sisyphean task to explain tech to a layman. Sisyphus was the guy who had to roll the boulder up that steep hill only to have to do it again the next day. Because, you know, the boulder rolled back down the hill.

That’s what explaining tech can feel like.

Even Einstein said it. In his words: “The definition of genius is taking the complex and making it simple.”

If you don’t think you have what it takes to be a genius but would like to know a few tips to make sure your message isn’t falling on deaf ears, we’ll give you a few ways you can sharpen your skills at speaking tech talk to the layman. Of course, you can always enlist the services of an experienced tech PR firm like Interdependence Public Relations. We can help you craft easy-to-understand (yet compelling) content, too.

Don’t Get Too Dense with Jargon

Don’t assume that people know what a GUI is or a cross-platform app. When you use insider terms try to explain what it is and how it affects them on a daily basis. Essentially you need this journalist to go off and write a compelling piece about you. So they need to have a little bit deeper of an understanding about what you do, which puts you in a teacher sort of role. So enjoy it!

And, when you can, use those ten cent words instead of the million dollar ones. A good tech PR firm will have writers who take your information-dense copy and turn it into tight, punchy content that drives readers to action.

Find Out What They Know and Don’t Know

Ask if anything about your line of work is unclear to them right off the bat. That way you don’t have to cover what they already know and waste both of your time. You can go deep on the stuff they don’t understand to where they become much more well-versed in what they didn’t know. Help them write more compellingly about what you do!

Speak with Enthusiasm

If you’re not excited about it, they won’t be either. If the reporter is interested in the conversation they’re much more likely to remember more accurately and write a more favorable piece.

Use Metaphors or Diagrams

Or picture books! (Just kidding). But seriously, tech becomes less difficult when you can tell a story or compare your concept to something they already know. Using visuals also helps!

Don’t Give Too Much Info

There’s certain things you can probably leave out that a large percentage of media people will know. And, on the flipside, you don’t have to go to too deep on really complex topics or microscopic details that aren’t going to be important for their piece.

If this sounds like stuff you don’t want to deal with, hiring an experienced tech PR firm is worth consideration. Contact Interdependence Public Relations for a free consultation today. We’ll worry about the stuff you don’t want to.



You don’t really have to be a news buff to pick up on how much mainstream attention blockchain is currently receiving, even among non-specialized users.

To put it simply, people from a wide variety of demographics (whether they’re tech savvy or not) have been emerging onto the scene — some even getting involved in a multitude of spheres.

And this endless sea of aspiring blockchain endeavors (including fraudulent counterparts) can make it hard for a new company to establish recognition and interest. In such cases, an experienced blockchain PR firm can help you perform far more effectively in that arena. Building a global blockchain audience is not only beneficial, it’s crucial to your project’s survival.

First, You Have a Little Explaining to Do

By providing educational materials and using press releases, you can explain your business to the masses. Provide your readership with white papers that will grow your cloud by building smart community members (who end up being more reliable). White papers are great because they focus on a complex issue and make it more palatable (by explaining it in a concise way).

Blockchain Marketing and Social Media

Using all marketing channels available is a good idea to grow your community. Using Twitter, Reddit, and other traditional social hubs will put you in touch with influencers, media reps and even tech savvy individuals from a variety of demographics. You’ll also be able to stay relevant by contributing to the discussion of blockchain technology. Think about what you’re adding to the game at all times.

Blockchain PR is its Own Thing

It’s important to know that blockchain PR is vastly different than PR in other industries.

Given that it’s a new technology, you need to take a new approach when it comes to messaging and brand positioning. Blockchain simply does not fit the traditional business-to-consumer approach centered around a specific product or service. Since blockchain community members are inherently giving their technological, ideological, and financial commitment, trust that they deserve and require honesty, ethical treatment, and open discussion and communications about your aspiring project.

Creating a Feeling with Your Blockchain Project

It’s important you create a growing feeling of public interest when you conduct proper blockchain PR. Establishing good relationships with all relevant media outlets is crucial. You want to be reaping the organic benefits that come as a result, and you obviously want to be cost-effective about your proceedings. Resources keep increasing, including cable giants like CNBC who have cryptocurrency-centered news channels serving this specific new niche.

Given the sensitive circumstances of building a blockchain community which requires financial, ideological, and technological investment from each and every individual member, you must make a commitment to provide transparency.

A reputable blockchain PR firm will help you establish and cultivate professional and communicative always of transmitting clear project messaging. Interdependence Public Relations utilizes all marketing and PR channels to continue to foster trust and cultivate interest, helping you focus on developing your product and seize opportunity. Contact us today for your complementary blockchain PR consultation.



Ask 5 people what “Technology” is and you’ll get 5 different answers, from the everyday (mobile phones, coffee makers, DVRs) to the fantastic (robot butlers, personal jetpacks, time travel). Ask my 93-year old Aunt Yolanda, and she’ll say “that box on the table with the emails in it.”

The truth is, technology is whatever we want it to be, and that’s a powerful tool in the hands of an experienced PR Firm. But in this ever-changing digital landscape, how exactly does technology fit into Public Relations? Why is technology in PR important?

Events Delivered in Real Time

News breaks constantly. Gone are the days of the family sitting down together, waiting for a grandfather-type to deliver the 6 o’clock news. Real time media coverage has not only transformed the playing field forever, but it’s been a huge boost for small to midsize businesses and local events. Specialized topics that once fell through the cracks now find their way to a properly targeted audience.

Media Placements That Matter

With the flood of info that’s available, it’s important to hire a PR Firm that knows how to effectively interpret and disseminate information, and well as generate media coverage that will invite an influx of traffic to your website.

A Great PR Firm Knows How To:

♥ Acquire Partners

♥ Convert Users

♥ Target the RIGHT demographic

♥ Increase Brand Value

But there is a dark side to technology…

The Rise of Fake News

Advancing technology invites a world of new problems, and the immediate delivery of information is a double-edged sword. Welcome to the world of fake news! It’s everywhere — “Roseanne Barr to Accept Trump Cabinet Position!”  “What Happened to this Mom Will Shock You!” And my favorite, “What Kind of Cupcake Are You? Take This Quiz!” (Turns out I’m red velvet. I couldn’t help myself).

Fake news, and its evil cousin, clickbait, are time wasters. They spread inflammatory misinformation and can mine your data. Don’t let the bad guys win. When choosing a PR firm, go with an established firm with a long-standing reputation for excellence.

Looking Toward the Future – Space PR?

Information delivery is now global, but imagine a world with Interstellar PR! Real time news delivered to the brave men and women who are terraforming distant planets, traveling to other galaxies, and co-existing with benevolent space beings!

Okay… we may be getting ahead of ourselves, but to stay innovative, a PR Firm must dare to dream BIG, but remain firmly planted in reality.

To Sum It Up:

Technology is only as effective as the people who stand behind it. Your brand is too important to leave in the trust of people who are not proven experts in the control, focus, and influence of information technology. Interdependence is an industry innovator, and the driving force behind many of today’s leading brands. There’s a reason over 15 million people read our PR articles per day our team creates creative campaigns that yield radical results.


Schedule your FREE PR consultation with Interdependence today and start seeing results. Results you can trust.



Gaining favorable coverage in our current 24 hour news cycle poses new challenges to businesses, brands, and PR firms as well. There are more opportunities and pitfalls than ever before as corporations, political figures, and high-powered CEOs and celebrities work to secure coverage that makes them look good and stay relevant. To give a little bit of history, our 24-hour news cycle was brought about by the advent of cable TV, which featured (and continues to feature) channels solely dedicated to the reporting of the news, which goes on 24 hours daily, 7 days weekly. It has completely changed the way that companies and the PR firms they work with transmit news and press. What This Means to PR Firms PR firms have more opportunities and resources than ever to help their clients maintain favorable coverage and stay relevant in an age where, to put it simply, there is a plethora of content and information being thrown in our faces. One of the benefits PR firms worth their salt will give you right away is establishing and maintaining working relationships with journalists which will secure coverage in the right places in order to help your brand maintain relevance. How do you make your story stand out in a 24-hour news cycle, then? Especially if you’re wanting to get the word out when it comes to: Announcing a new product Moving to your headquarters to a new location Making public a new collaboration Recruiting new staff Announcing awards or milestone events You now have more avenues than ever (and more pitfalls than ever) when it comes to getting press. Read on for a few ways that our news cycle has an indelible effect on PR as well as the opportunities that spring up as a result. Your Brand Cannot Afford to be Stagnant or Stale Are you making moves or are you just reacting to your competitors’ moves? In today’s 24-hour news cycle, it’s all about being fresh, interesting, and, above all, original! PR firms are tasked with creating content that effectively grabs an audience’s attention and positions their clients favorably. Being stale, mundane, or feeling entitled to a person’s time just because you’re you is a recipe for disaster — it doesn’t matter who you are. Take Advantage of Constant and Rapid Changes in the News Audiences are getting more and more complacent and paying less attention to the details. That’s why a successful brand has to constantly remind their target audience of their current narrative. The 24/7 news cycle we live in gives companies and their PR firms an opportunity to hone information into more easily-digested content, and, ideally, without sacrificing quality or meaning. Even Your Minor News Can Become Major Since the news is going 24/7, there is a constant need to fill that endless cycle with fresh news updates and stories. In short, news media sources are hungry and in need of fresh meat, so to speak. The news breaks, then comes the response and the commentary. News staffers are in constant need of fresh information that they can plug into websites, social media outlets, and RSS feeds. So, even if you have what seems like a minor story, share it! When properly crafted and told from the right angle by an experienced PR firm, targeted and creatively packaged news can gain instant media attention that only builds with digestion, even when delivered after business hours. Even what only seems like a minor update while in the midst of standard business hours can reach the heights of big news, even shared during off-hours, when administered by experienced PR firms. In the end, it’s all about timing. Just to give you an example, a less-than-solid news story at 8:45 p.m. can be leveraged with additional information and developments during 10 or 11 p.m. broadcasts, then be augmented with guest appearances on a morning show slot which further fleshes out details and developments. Any sort of content can be expanded or commented upon, nearly in real time! Conclusions Your business, your brand should be working the 24-hour news cycle, not the other way around. Interdependence gets you impactful media placements which end up converting users. We’ll help you acquire partners, secure interest from investors, maintain your relevance, and increase your overall valuation. We’ll generate media that brings your website an influx of traffic, giving you the opportunity to capitalize on making meaningful connections with your target demographic.



It doesn’t matter if you’re a startup or a household name, it’s no easy feat handling tech PR in an effective way. We’re not trying to be negative here; we’re just being realistic.

It’s well-known that a big reason why many startups fail and the wind gets taken out of a lot of established companies sails (and sales) is that they’re bad at tech PR, which is its own separate beast.

Getting Help with Tech PR

When you hire the right tech PR firm your public relations problems will change. As we said, tech PR is an entirely different entity from other forms of PR — so you want to align yourself with a tech PR firm experienced in that sector.

Tech PR is also tricky because you can never lose sight of the human element. That’s hard to do when you work with technology and computers all day long.

Tech is Also More Difficult to Explain

Talking to a layman about tech can be downright difficult. Media outlets and journalists might not know the same level of lingo and terminology across the board. That’s why it can be tricky for outsiders to grasp what areas and terms are relevant to what you do. A tech PR service worth its salt will be able to take care of this for you.

Tech reporters can often run in tight circles, which means that any successful tech PR firm will be in tune with these tight circles and have a rich pool of individuals to draw from to pitch. Tech PR firms have to work hard to develop and cultivate these relationships with reporters, taste makers, and influencers to effectively provide demanding clients with effective service.

There’s a Wide Range of Technologies

You’ve got cyber security, cloud services, software development, marketing technology, and even something as specific as facility management software technology. Good tech PR will be able to transition seamlessly through all different sectors and be able to switch gears within all tech subjects and specialties

There’s a Significant Language Barrier

Tech suppliers and tech consumers often speak two different languages — same with the media. When you’re talking to people immersed in tech all day, they can often take for granted what laypeople know. An effective PR firm is tasked with crafting compelling messages and utilizing clear storytelling to traverse the language barrier.

The Competition is More Fierce

The tech boom brought with it over 100,000 software and IT companies in the US alone — this includes some of the biggest companies in the world in addition to companies with under 500 employees. Successful tech PR needs to take into consideration what competing companies are saying and doing while also bringing something original and relevant to the table — preferably even mind blowing.

Public relations is a necessary function for any business in any industry — but it’s especially important for the tech sector. Interdependence provides experienced tech PR services that help tech companies get the word out more effectively and compellingly. Call today for your complimentary consultation. We’ll give you undeniable, trackable results.



You might have heard of business owners boasting that they don’t advertise or that they don’t use a PR team. Well, maybe these people are in bullet-proof, recession-proof industries. Maybe they have monopolistic businesses without competition, or a special niche market in which they reside that affords them the luxury of not having to worry about their customers going somewhere else.

Because, really, that’s what a person is saying if they don’t invest in advertising or PR. Honestly, do you know many businesses that can say anything close to what was mentioned above? Right, we don’t, either.

Stepping up your tech PR game is important for many reasons. In this ever-changing technology landscape, with social media, and with our 24-hour news cycle, it’s important to remain relevant in the face of a constant flood of information.

Effective tech PR will help you get the word out about initial growth, new investors, new products, awards and achievements, your stellar leadership and management team, events and galas, charities you put on or take part in — and much, much more.

Experienced Tech PR Firms Know Strategy

If they don’t, they won’t be in the business for long. PR firms can help you get to know prospective investors. You’ll be able to save yourself time, money, and wasted efforts by conducting thorough research on your potential investors. They’ll help you identify investors who’ve previously invested in like-minded businesses, hopefully getting you in touch with people who have a similar ethos.

A crafty tech PR firm will find ways to initiate conversation and make contact with high quality potential investors. Tech PR firms can also help perk potential partners ears up by creating content and putting that content in areas of high visibility.

A PR Firm is Master of Social Media

Experienced PR firms will help you utilize social media — which is more important than ever.
Any tech business or startup needs to have a strong, positive social media presence, which can be used to entice investors — at the very least putting you on their radar.

You can connect with investors through sites and services like LinkedIn and Twitter, which are both great avenues and outlets through which to let your personality shine. When you’re pitching to your potential investors, it might come up in conversation how you’re a social media star, which you can use as currency to curry favor. Social media also happens to be an excellent way for you to get to know potential investors. You can do your research and make a note of topics they care about and post about frequently. You can see if they’re active in any specific charities, which will help you speak to them on a more personal level.

A great tech PR firm will help you utilize every avenue possible to help you build up your reputation as an industry influencer and thought leader. Contact Interdependence Public Relations today to learn more about what we do and the ways we provide undeniable, trackable results to our wide client base.


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