3 Reasons Why PR Matters Now More Than Ever

Imagine you’re a prima ballerina, or a corn farmer, or the CEO of an innovative tech startup. At a certain career point, you may wish to raise your visibility, up your game and generate more revenue. Hiring a PR firm is a great way to do it!

But is PR outdated? Don’t publicists sit in a dank room all day, banging out press releases to handful of journalists who will never read them?

That’s your grandfather’s PR.

Modern Public Relations is so much more. It’s an all-encompassing media blitz that utilizes leading-edge technology, long-standing relationships, and the sharpest creative minds working in the industry today.

There are significant reasons why PR today is so essential:

The Rise of Fake News

It’s everywhere! And it’s getting worse. With an absolute avalanche of misleading stories on the internet, consumers are faced with a barrage of bad information. In fact, Facebook’s fake news problem has grown so severe, the company has hired “credibility experts” to sort out the problem.

An expert PR firm can clearly communicate the client’s true message, via credible, mainstream and trusted sources in Print, TV & Radio. An expert PR firm will cut through the noise, and deliver your unique message in a timely, meaningful and effective way.

Social Media

Social media reaches a global audience, and a savvy social media campaign can catapult a company (or individual) into the public eye seemingly overnight. It’s the old word of mouth, but it’s no longer a monologue — it’s a true dialogue. Social media facilitates an interactive relationship with the public in real time. Managing and making the most out of this incredibly powerful tool is best in the capable hands of experienced PR professionals.

A top PR firm will be able to:

Gain influencers — High profile people who can positively shape public opinion and significantly affect purchasing decisions.

React quickly — Social media is the go-to for a brand’s reaction to a negative event. Consumers want to feel seen and heard, and a top PR firm will craft appropriate and timely reactions to address any public relations matter.

Add the Human Touch — Social media can put a human face on your brand, giving it humor, warmth and personality.


The Golden Rule — you learned it in Kindergarten, and it still stands. Treat your consumers with respect, offer a quality product, and you will garner intense brand loyalty. A great reputation will set you far above your competition, and a top PR firm will employ all the necessary tools to actively promote your credibility, while fiercely guarding your brand.

But let’s put it bluntly—consumers are smarter than ever—with B.S. detectors that are finely calibrated. A top PR firm will not only craft a memorable campaign, but advance an authentic message that will resonate with consumers.

The Next Steps

A trusted and experienced PR firm like Interdependence knows how to shape, influence and promote you and your brand. Interdependence is an industry PR leader, and the driving force behind many of today’s leading brands. We combine the latest technology with the best and brightest PR talent working today. There’s a reason over 15 million people read our PR articles per day!

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