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You’ll receive secured press starting month one in top tier media that converts. Our exclusive Interviewed™ technology drives 300-400% increases in earned media conversion rates powering more media placements.



We are a full-service digital PR firm supercharged by advanced technology, Interviewed™, to maximize consistent earned media placements in prestigious media and industry outlets.
Our Interviewed™ technology maximizes media opportunities for you based on keywords related to your brand. It works by it searching for breaking, trending and emerging to trend stories related to your brand's keywords. Once it finds a match, it goes to the journalists that cover the keywords but have yet to write about the story and sends them, in combination with our public relations professionals, a custom strategic pitch resulting in high conversion and consistent monthly earned media placements.
We are aggressive, pitching 10-15 different angles each week to hundreds of reporters. The media placements with links we secure for you convert customers to your brand and are validated with site analytics. Our customized campaigns are exclusively goals-based, and do whatever it takes to suppress the aggressive goals we set.
Our media placements will increase your 
credibility and bring you more prospects
  • Dramatically boost your authority and market leadership in your industry with prospects and peers. 

  • Raise awareness on new products and services before prospects even know to search for them.

  • Increase social proof with excerpts from high profile publications. 
  • Attract more visitors to your website when readers come across your story and within search engines. 

  • Improve your search engine rankings with article backlinks. 

We Are The Driving Source

Behind Leading Brands

Our expertise verticals: Technology, 

Healthcare, BioTech, Cryptocurrency/Block 

Chain, Education, Real Estate, SaaS, 

Enterprise Software, CPG, Fashion/Beauty, 

eCommerce and more

We Provide Triple-Digit Results
Read a few client case studies...
Over $1 million in new business generated, monthly ROI of 750%
Leading online reputation management company
Los Angeles, California
Monthly ROI of 425% achieved through tier-1 media coverage
Online independent jewelry retailer
New York, New York
Average monthly
ROI of 250%
Cryptocurrency platform
Irvine, CA

Over 15 Million People Are Exposed 

To Our PR Articles Per Day 

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